Inspirational Woodcraft

     The most inspiring wishes for friends were always a verse from the Bible. Long ago, in Christian homes, it was almost a tradition to have texts from the Bible in decorated frames.  We remember in our childhood all these verses on the walls of our bedrooms, that left a lasting impressions and perhaps a decisive influence on the choice of the right path in life.  Often at difficult times, these verses came to mind, and they were the only support that did not let us in despair.  It is so important to have these texts from Bible from the early childhood.  Parents should remember that Biblical texts that children will see in their homes throughout their childhood will be fundamental in their faith and love for God and His Word.

     When I came to America in 1999, I noticed that Christians only have picture frames or wall art on the walls of their homes, but nothing with verses from the Bible.  Instead of that, the rooms of teenagers and youth are filled with sports cars, motorcycles, nature, and pictures.  I expressed my concern that people need verses from the Bible in their homes and the idea came to mind to carve out verses from the Bible.  Our Mennonite friends came out to help me with my idea and the first verse that we carved out was in 2001 that read:

“ for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15

     And to this day, our family is carving out verses and texts from the Bible with different designs and languages.  Many people who were interested to buy them, always asked for the photos of the wall art with Biblical verses, so we decided to open up a website for everyone’s convenience where everyone will have the opportunity to see the product and purchase it.

     Often it is difficult to think of what to give as a gift to people, who are getting baptized, or there is a birthday, and that is the ultimate question: “what to give?” These carved out verses, christian plaques, will be a good remembrance and a good wish to all those who will receive them.  It is also a good gift for newlyweds.